"Outrageous outfits, over-the-top wigs and ambitious videos - Clinton Paul
has done them all, and it's all in line with his yearning to push boundaries
with his music." Michael Bugeja for Times of Malta.

(For better or worse) is indeed one of the most interesting pop artists
on the Maltese music scene. - Dr. Toni Sant for Malta Music Memory Project.

He is so unconventional in fact, that one cannot help but question
everything about the world for the duration of each of his videos. - Evelyn Borg for eve.com.mt

Malta's most controversial pop sensation - LovinMalta.com

He initiated his career writing songs for other singers... In 2010 he released his debut single "Badass Soldier"... Achieved national fame and stirred controversy with his androgoneous Electro-Pop style... And the rest is history!

His videos on the web have caught the eyes of many, including Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Denmark, Ireland, Trinidad and Tobago, Egypt, United States and many more.

Between 2011 and 2013, Clinton Paul released 2 Studio Albums: 'I Know Who I Am Now' 19th December 2011 and 'Unbreakable' 19th June 2013.

2014 saw the return of Clinton Paul in the programme Indifest on Net TV with 2 songs, 'Vagabond' and 'Passagg'. The latter managed to pass to the final of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza that took place September 18th on the Granaries Floriana. On November 30th, Clinton Paul had his first ever international radio interview and that was with Melbourne's Radio 3ZZZ. December saw a nomination in Malta Music Memory Project with 2 entries: Dance With The Enemy Single and Stronger Music Video, both songs taken from his last album Unbreakable.

December 17th, Clinton Paul released a festive EP with the name of 'Dazzle'. This EP includes the single 'Fall In Love This Christmas' that was launched in Malta as well as on two radio stations in Melbourne Australia; Radio 3ZZZ and North West FM.

Clinton Paul kicked off 2015 by joining a TV show called VS on F living Channel every Thursday. July 25th, Clinton Paul managed to make it to the Grand Final of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the song 'Primadonna'.

September 27th, 'Dance With The Enemy' from 2014 got nominated as Top Single in the selection Muzika Mod Iehor.

October 8th, a second season of 'VS' featuring Clinton Paul kicked off on F Living Channel. This popular Thursday talk show, talks about all aspects of life and airs at 8:30pm.

December 5th, Clinton Paul released a brand new single for the holiday season entitled 'Celebrazzjoni'. As the title shows, the song is in Maltese due to a public demand for him to release something in the Maltese language. The song, which is written and composed by Clinton Paul himself and recorded and produced by Beehive Studios, got released in Malta and Australia alike. Downunder, the track aired in Melbourne on Radio 3ZZZ and in Sydney on Wow FM. The song is also available for digital release on all download portals available on the Internet, including iTunes and Spotify Streaming Service. Currently Clinton Paul is working on his 3rd Studio Album that is scheduled to drop in May 2016. The album will be a mixture of both English and Maltese tracks, and will also include 'Celebrazzjoni' as part of the tracklist.

January 1st 2016, Clinton Paul premiered the 2nd single off his upcoming album with the name of 'Tnax' (12). A music video is set to be shot in the coming days.

Sunday 17th January, Clinton Paul dropped the first music video for 2016 that of 'Tnax' (12). This song is the second official single off his upcoming 3rd Studio Album. The video is produced by Vanessa Vassallo and can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RrbBsiN5Fw

January 20th, Clinton Paul launched that his music is available on the Microsoft Store (worldwide).

January 29th, Clinton Paul premiered the music video and his brand new single 'Beautiful Day' during a launch at Mangano Malta. 'Beautiful Day' is the official 3rd radio single from his upcoming album. Its video premiered Down Under on February 20th on the 'Gday Maltaussies Show'.

April 19th, Clinton Paul dropped the name of his 3rd Studio Album, entitled 'Samsara'. The new album, featuring 'Tnax' and 'Beautiful Day', will be released on May 19th. An official launch party will follow.

Clinton Paul released his 3rd Studio Album, entitled 'Samsara' on May 19th 2016. After its predecessors 'I Know Who I Am Now' back in 2011 and 'Unbreakable' back in 2013, this new album shows a new beginning for Clinton Paul as an artist with a new mature style. Hence the title 'Samsara' - new beginning. This album already spawned 3 singles bearing the names of 'Celebrazzjoni', 'Tnax' and 'Beautiful Day' which were released between December of last year and January of this current year. The rest of the album was recorded between January and March. For it, Clinton Paul collaborated with some of the best music producers on the island, namely Dominic Cini, Elton Zarb, Aldo Spiteri and Kenny D'Ugo for Beehive Studios. This new album is currently available on all download portals on the internet including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft Store, CDBaby and can also be streamed on Spotify. An official launch party was held on May 20th at Panorama Lounge Sliema, where the album was played to guests and media personalities by DJ Christopher Brown. A trailer for 'Samsara' was produced by Evolution Media. Special thanks also go out to inMedia Marketing for creating the album cover.

July 30th, Clinton Paul was announced as one of the finalists of KKI2016 with 'Genn'. This will be his 9th participation in this prestigous national contest.

August 19th, Clinton Paul premiered the 3rd music video from his latest album Samsara, that for the new single 'Summer Fling'. Once again the video was shot by Evolution Media.

October 5th, Clinton Paul's collaboration with Malta's finest fast food eatery New York Best premieres on "The Big Breakfast" with Oz & Jay - XFM. The video premiered October 17th and instantly broke the internet with over 28,000 views in less than 12 hours.

December 1st, Clinton Paul drops a brand new holiday single entitled 'Home for Christmas Day' - a collaboration with guitarist Aldo Spiteri.

December 10th, Clinton Paul launched his very own brand - CLINTEES (TM).

December 17th the music video for 'Home for Christmas Day' premiered on MVTV and on Monday 19th, a Christmas EP with the name of 'My Christmas Collection' came out.

Clinton Paul releases on 1st January 2017 a brand new Maltese single entitled 'Lilek Qatt Ma Nsejt' - co written with author Cliff Casha.

A month away from Valentine's Day, Clinton Paul drops his very first 'Diamond Heart' Makeup Compact Mirror by CLINTEES. The compact mirror sold out in less than a week.

Clinton Paul is currently working on his 4th studio album - CARPE DIEM - sheduled to be released later on this year. Watch this space!

The first quarter of the year 2017 saw Clinton Paul emerge as an Actor during the popular drama 'Manwela' on TVM. His character - Dr James - was created by Rewind Productions and given life by Clinton Paul himself.

May 6th - Clinton Paul dropped his first liquid lipsticks 'Crush', 'Charlotte' and 'Candylicious', selling out in just 2 days.